Digital Marketing is the art of marketing or popularizing a product, service, business, community or Individual in the World Wide Web and associated online platforms through judicious and skilled usage of social media, paid promotions, online branding, targeted email campaigns, online advertisements, business listings, website design and a host of other niche techniques. We do not help you think out of the box or from within the box. We do away with the box itself. At Strootaay Innovation Labs, we open the door to endless possibilities and we let our imagination run free. We are not bound by traditional techniques. We believe that every business is unique and we get our Business Analysts to discuss your requirements and identify your unique selling proposition (USP). Once we identify the USP, the job is half done. The rest is handled by our Digital Marketing experts who ensure that your product or service reaches its target audience. Please send us an email at and let us open the door to endless possibilities for you.

Digital Marketing